About [me]

I was born in Lausanne, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, in the early ’70s.

I am married to a wonderful, energetic woman, and we are the proud parents of two children who are our source of happiness and inspiration. I also have another daughter, now an adult, from a previous union.

Since 2010, we live in a nice place called Vallemaggia (The Magic Valley) in the Italian part of Switzerland.

My mother tongue is French, I speak Italian in my everyday life, and English at work. I also speak a little German, but very little, I learned it at school but haven’t practiced it enough since. And all this in a country that can be crossed by train in less than five hours.

After compulsory school, I did an apprenticeship in electronics, then a year later, a specialization in computer networks.
I’ve been working in IT and telecommunications for more than 25 years, but I’ve also had several other experiences, as student summer or evening jobs, or by passion. Such as paperboy, gardener, industrial cleaner, warehouse storekeeper, soldier, electrician, arcade games and pinball repairer, freelance photographer, amateur web designer and content creator.

I played basketball from the age of 7 to 27 at Pully Basket. First, in the different youth leagues of Swiss Basketball, then in an adult’s minor league. I am also passionate about music, cooking, golf, skiing & snowboarding, and of course computers and IT networks.

My philosophy is life is a constant learning process. A day without learning is a lost day, so I try to always keep an open mind!